Earth has millions of places with hidden beauty that sometimes not many people know. Travelers always have the ability to be able to come to various tourist destinations in the world. Both isolated and very popular with lovers of traveling. However, strangely there are 10 places in the world that cannot be visited by a single person, not even a traveler can go there. The following are forbidden places in the world that cannot be visited by just any human.

Snake Island or better known as Snake Island in Brazil

Located off the coast of Brazil, Snake Island is a small island home to some 4,000 of the planet’s deadliest snakes. The risk of snake bites is so high that the Brazilian government decided to prohibit visitors from visiting the island.Although currently technology has advanced, the government is not yet interested in changing the island, whose real name is Ilha da Queimada Grande, into an inhabited island. So, until now the island is still empty without inhabitants

An instagenic area in Harrogate, North Yorkshire which apparently should not be visited

Near the Horrogate area, North Yorkshire, a county in England there is a mysterious place that should not be visited by mankind. This place is said to be the seat of the Royal Menwith Hill Air Force, England. The Royal Air Force (RAF) Menwith Hill looks very beautiful with some instagenic buildings on a beautiful field to be enshrined, but because it is one of the military activities, the largest electronic monitoring station in the world, an interceptor warning station and missile communications, finally a place this is a place not to be visited in the world. Too bad yes! Even though it’s really beautiful.

Lascaux Caves, caves with prehistoric art, the oldest and best in the world

This cave is located near the village of Montignac, in the Dordogne department of southwestern France. This cave has been named the cave with the oldest and best prehistoric art in the world. There are approximately 600 ancient paintings which are estimated to have existed since 17 thousand years ago. Because of its uniqueness, this cave became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. However, because this cave had started to become muddy and crystallized, finally in 1963 this place was closed.

Mezhgorye, a place with a green view of Russia

Russia has both protected and restricted areas in Mezhgorye. Here you will see green scenery and clear water. Glancing at the photo above, you will feel that you see a green life like the people. Many people believe this place is protected and forbidden because it is the place where missiles are created. The location was permanently guarded by two battalions. So, it is certain that no one can get access unless allowed.

Disney Club 33 in various Disneyland in the world

Disney is known as the most visited place in the world.Initially, this club was kept a secret, but recently it smelled. Although its existence is known, access to this club is very limited. Those who wish to become members must pay an annual fee of $ 27,000.

A dome in the Granite Mountain Region, Utah

In this place, there are safes that are used to store 3 billion pages of information relating to the genealogy and family history of Americans. Well, the vault is completely off-limits except for tours on very rare occasions.

Unique library in the Vatican

The Vatican Apostolic Library was founded in 1475 and has a unique architecture and is the largest library on earth. This unique library contains a collection of the most important historical texts known to man. These secret libraries include everything from ancient Mayan manuscripts to books that “allegedly” were evidence of foreign contact. Only a select few have ever had the right to set foot in this library. It’s a shame, if it opens, there will definitely be a lot of tourists coming here.

A place with a unique culture in Bohemian Grove, United States

Bohemian Grove is a village that is quite unique. It covers about 2,700 acres in California. Every two weeks there will actually be people who come to perform rituals, but they are not just anyone, and only men can come here, women are forbidden here. Tourists wishing to come here should make a reservation with the president there before exploring. It’s very tight here.

Coca-cola domes in the City of Atlanta

Many people around the world enjoy Coca-cola products, but it turns out that the Coca-cola Dome in downtown Atlanta is forbidden by humans. This is due to the secret recipes and formulas that are guarded by this company. Even so, Coca-cola has also opened a museum for Coca-cola lovers to be able to see various things that make tourists curious.

Area 51 in Nevada, Las Vegas

Located in Nevada, about 80 miles from downtown Las Vegas, Area 51 is one of the most closed and highly protected areas on the planet. Its basic purpose is still unknown to the public, but it is thought to be a research and development site for aircraft and experimental weapons.