6 Types of Bags That Can Be Used for Traveling

Each of you when traveling, of course, will always carry luggage as needed. Now that’s where you will definitely need a bag that can be used to make it easier for you to carry your luggage when traveling. But who would have thought that there were so many types of bags that you could use. This of course must be tailored to your needs and type of trip. Bags are very crucial in traveling activities because they will make it easier for all types of mobilization for you on the trip. So what types of bags can you travelers use? Here are the details:


Backpacks are indeed the prima donna for most travelers. This bag is often used because of its practical shape and can fit all kinds of needs of the traveler. But maybe still with a limited capacity. Yes, roughly it can be used for 1-2 sets of spare clothes and toiletries as well as electronic needs. Despite its practical form and decent capacity, it must also be considered regarding the load when carrying it. If you decide to carry a backpack, try to adjust it to the weight you can carry that is not too heavy. Don’t force all of your belongings in a backpack.

Carrier Bag

Carrier bags are generally used for those of you who are traveling to mountainous areas. This bag is very useful for the type of travel that is survival. The capacity of a carrier bag is much larger than a
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Personal items that need to be brought for camping

Is this weekend you are invited to vacation by camping the first time in the open. But you are confused about what important things you should take away. This time we will make a list. Whether it’s for a tour of the campground, mountains or the coast, here are some important personal items that must be brought to camp.


Camping activity is identical to a large mountain backpack. But it depends on how long you will be away and the items that must be carried. No need for a carrier of dozens of liters if you only need to bring clothes and personal equipment.

But special backpacks for outdoor activities are more friendly to the shoulders and backs than backpacks that are used to go casual. If you don’t have one, you can also borrow friends first.

Outdoor shoes or sandals

Footwear suitable for outdoor activities should be worn. This is because special footwear is specifically designed so that tips and can minimize risks when traveling long distances in the wild.

Rain coat

Not a raincoat, but a suit that can hold water. This type of jacket is important when carrying out outdoor activities. Especially in Indonesia, which still often rains and has a lot of rainforest.

Rain coat

Raincoats or ponchos are also important stored in your bag to prevent the body from getting rained on. If you can, bring or buy a raincoat with pants to protect your lower body from getting wet.

Sleeping bag

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Tips for Traveling and Vacation in Japan

Experience to Japan You Should Prepare for a Tour to Japan If you want to fill a vacation, of course you need a careful planning so that the holiday can run smoothly. Even more so if our tourist destination has a climate that is completely different from where we lived before.A careful planning regarding vacation time, tourist destinations and budget are some of the main things that need to be prepared before we decide to take a vacation. Some of the things below are a few things to consider when tourists want to vacation in Japan.

Required documents

Visiting other countries is not as easy as we vacation on our own. There are various documents that need to be prepared in order to facilitate tourist holidays when in another country. For the country of Japan itself requires several documents that must be completed when you want to vacation there. First, the thing that needs to be prepared is the Visa as a recommendation for entry into Japan. You can make a visa by taking care of yourself or at a travel agent.

In addition, tourists must fulfill the requirements of a temporary visitor visa by including a passport, visa application forms that are accompanied by a photo, a photocopy of KTP, a photocopy of a student card or a certificate of study if still a student.In addition, including proof of ticket reservations and travel schedules are also important things that need to be prepared before applying for a holiday visa … Read More

Don’t panic, these 6 things to remember and do if you get lost in the forest

A walk through the forest is an exciting travel activity, however, sometimes in the wild many unexpected things happen. One of them is getting lost.
Many people get lost in the forest because they miss their group. However, there are some tips you can do to survive when you get lost in the forest while waiting for help to arrive.

1. Don’t panic

Try to calm yourself down and not panic. The reason is, when you panic automatically you can’t think clearly to do the right thing.

2. Find a safe shelter

When lost, find a safe location to take cover with criteria such as dry, not too low, avoid places where water can flow when it rains, and not be near weathered trees. Weathered trees can be life-threatening as they risk falling on you when you take shelter under them. Also try to protect this place safe from the threat of wild animals or insects.

3. Immediately contact friends or family.

Always try to save your cellphone battery. When the battery is still sufficient and the signal is strong enough, immediately contact a friend or group. Meanwhile, if you get lost in the mountain forest, find or contact the nearest climbing post.

4. Make a marker.

In addition to clothes that are brightly colored and easily visible, make a marker of where you were when you got lost. Such as pieces of wood, branches, twigs, cloth, the letters SOS, or footprints that are not easily lost. This marker is
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Collection of Interesting And Popular Tourist Places In Rome Italy

There are many kinds of tourist attractions, ranging from historical tours and other tourist destinations. Now each country has different tourist destinations with different characteristics. Not only countries, but each region or city also has tourist attractions with different uniqueness, such as in Rome, Italy. Basically, Rome is a city in Italy that has been visited by many visitors who are attracted by the various tourist destinations that are in it. So there are lots of tourist attractions that can be visited in Rome which we will summarize in a collection of interesting and popular tourist attractions that can be your reference. Here’s a full explanation:

1. Colosseum

You must have heard of the Colosseum with a building shape that you may have recognized before. The Colosseum itself is a tourist destination in Rome Italy in the form of the ruins of an amphitheater and for the gladiator arena. This building has a very wide distinctive shape that can accommodate up to 50,000 spectators. Rome can be said to be a city that is never empty of visitors, one of the reasons is because many people are eyeing to be able to visit the Colosseum which is one of the most popular tours in the world.

2. Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum is a world-famous museum with a large number of visitors coming from various countries around the world. The museum allows you to see historical relics. Now you can see some very interesting and amazing frescoes which are the … Read More

5 Tips for Traveling for a backpacker style

Vacationing or traveling has now become a basic necessity for today’s society. This one activity has been inherent in the hearts of all people, from various backgrounds. Not without reason, because traveling is believed to be one of the activities that can relieve fatigue. Especially for those who are tired of work or tired of city noise. Backpacker-style travel tips can be applied if we want to explore the world of travel.

If traveling used to cost a lot of money, it seems that now you don’t need to worry if you want to do this one activity. You don’t need to save money and wait months until you have collected a few million dollars to be able to feel the fun of traveling. Yep, you just need to be a backpacker, then you can enjoy the vacation you deserve.

Budget travel backpacker style

For example, if you wanted to have a vacation in Jogja, if you had to be busy preparing and calculating your ‘budget’, now that won’t be a barrier for you anymore. Cheap backpacker-style holidays to Jogja at this time, for example, have started to be loved a lot, especially millennials. With only a backpack and a few rupiahs, you can have a vacation in Jogja, a city with a million memories. Traveling backpacker style nowadays is really loved, especially by young people and the millennial generation. Whether it’s done in groups or alone. In fact, not a few of them are backpackers to be able to … Read More